We’re helping you regain control during uncertainty

We understand the COVID-19 virus has brought significant adversities and unexpected changes which have disrupted our ability to cope with everyday tasks and challenges.

Our tailored approach

We’re here to match you with a psychologist suited to your needs to guide you through these times, help you rebuild your resilience and strengthen your mental wellbeing.

Get mental health support during difficult times

Our mission is to prioritise your wellbeing and happiness

It can be a challenge to put your own mental health first during a time when so many are battling tough times. At My Mirror, we’re here to tell you that your happiness and wellbeing matters - and we’re here to listen to your concerns for as long as it takes. We can offer you same-day support and connect you with convenient, accessible and affordable psychology up to 21 hours of the day – wherever you are in Australia.

Online Psychology Covid 19

Skip the wait

Don’t wait weeks or months to talk to a psychologist.
Book within 24 hours with our experienced team of online psychologists.

Book sessions on your schedule

Our psychologists are available for 50-min sessions via video- conferencing or phone up to 21 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s 8am or 10pm there is a spot for you.

Connect from anywhere in Australia

Access online psychology sessions from the comfort of your own home or device. Geography and commutes are no longer a barrier to getting the support you deserve.

Access Medicare Rebates

Easily upload your Mental Health Care Plan to access Medicare rebates for up to 20 sessions per year. Bulk billing also supported in eligible circumstances.

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Your mental health journey starts here
Let us give you a hand up when and where you need it, to overcome any barriers preventing you from improving your mental wellbeing and designing the life you want.